About Us

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The Idea

When we found out that the average wedding cost in the US was around $30,000 and that 1 in 3 couples go into debt to pay for their weddings, we were like, woah. But then when we also read in a survey that the majority of wedding guests would rather give a cash gift then something from a store, we were like hmmm.

How it Began

Then we decided to do something about it. With 2 out of 3 of our founders being recently married, we understand that engagements can be extremely stressful. With all the important decisions you have to make, things like collecting addresses for invites, getting RSVP’s and updating your guests on wedding details should not take up more than a tiny bit of your energy. But it does! Well not anymore. With HappyGoMarry, just a couple of minutes creating your page will save you from weeks or even months of worrying all the boring details like RSVP’s and how to pay for everything and allow you to worry about the fun details like wedding dresses and cake :)

What is it?

HappyGoMarry is a social crowd-funding site specifically for engaged couples.

What can we do?

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